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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Distributing Independent Radio Programs: PRX - Public Radio Exchange

PRX is a "frenetically successful nonprofit web-based service that helps public radio stations put good programming on the air. Four guys with attachment issues to our laptops. Grant-funded and working with hundreds of independent producers and stations across the country. Located in Harvard Square, Boston USA. Very busy and usually not coming in before ten am. Completely open to new ideas and attached to the ones we already have." Every minute of every hour, great gobs of fantastic, imaginative and compelling programs are being produced. Unfortunately, listeners rarely hear or learn of them. Producing radio programming is easier than ever before, thanks to digital technology. Still, independent producers face the perennial problem of how to distribute their creations, catch the attention of network and station programmers and, most important, get paid for their work. Enter PRX -- the Public Radio Exchange. The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is an online service for peer-review and digital distribution of public radio programming, creating a new web-based bridge between producers and stations. PRX is a decentralized partnership that will provide good homes to good works, more broadcast opportunities for the people who create them, and new sparks of freedom, imagination, initiative, and creative vision for a mature public radio field.



PRX Public Radio Exchange -
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