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Friday, July 23, 2004

Tired Of PayPal? Looking For An Alternative To Pay And Receive Money Online? Moneybookers

Moneybookers is a new online service that promises to be able to deliver payments in real-time to anyone having an email address on the Internet. Moneybrokers supports many international currencies (over 25), from the British Pound to the Thai Baht and allows full cross-borders payments via the Internet without the need to utilize a credit card each time. Signing-up is free while the commission Moneybrokers takes when you want to send money to someone else is a mere 1% (PayPal charges 2.2 to 2.9%) . Withdrawing money from Moneybrokers to your local bank costs euros 1.80 no matter how big the amount is (PayPal charges 1 euro). Moneybookers may not be able to compete yet with all of the services and established tools that PayPal has created in the last few years, but from the independent publisher point of view this is certainly good news. Good professional competition, addressing some of PayPal key shortcomings may find more than a fertile ground in the blooming online marketplace for small and medium sized businesses.



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2009-01-11 07:08:22

Ralph Ambrose

I live in the USA and tried to register with Money Brokers.
No go, they are not accepting new members from the USA
What is going on?

2006-10-22 16:32:49


But in my case - I do not have a credit card and I do not want any - there is an easy alternative payment method: daopay. it is a pay per phone idea, can be done almost instantly, and there is no way your personal data can be used for fraud as with an unsecured credit card transaction.

2006-03-12 21:24:06


This is NOT like Paypal: customers ahve to register with MonyBookers before they can pay with their credit card, and the merchant pays a fee of 8%!
They may not be as evil as Paypal, but they're not a viable option for e-commerce (too expensive for small business and too unprofessional-looking for anything larger). Keep searching; there are a few very good options each for the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Also check with your local banks and credit unions.

2004-07-23 18:07:28

Andreas Duess appears to be one of these annoying paid link sites. Are you sure the URL is correct?

2004-07-23 16:59:57


You have an error in this article... and it's big. The company that you are talking about is MoneyBOOKERS... yet the link and title of the article are MoneyBROKERS.

I would recommend fixing this...

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