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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Full Anonymous Browsing: FindNot Internet Security Suite Allows You To Leave No Tracks Behind

Anonymous proxy servers have become more and more abused and recently there has been a number of fake anonymous proxies services that have been setup FOR THE VERY PURPOSE OF capturing user names, passwords, credit card info and more. But more alternatives are springing up to fill the increasing demand for anonymous surfing. Do you want to anonymize ALL of your web browsing (http, https etc...), email (Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...), file sharing (Kazaa, Morpheus, etc...), instant Messaging (ICQ, IRC, MSN, AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger etc...)? Would you like to encrypt (128 bit) your communications so even your own ISP doesn't know what you are doing? Starting at USD 9.95/month, what the FindNot service provides is an Internet Security Suite that includes a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to their servers and a full SOCKS 5 PROXY service. Upon joining the service you are given a user name and password to their VPN and proxy services. Once connected your entire Internet traffic is routed through FindNot fast and secure servers making any Internet-based activities you carry out completely anonymous. Your IP address is never exposed, nor FindNot keeps any logs of customers activities. No software to install. Windows only.



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posted by Robin Good on Thursday, July 22 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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