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Monday, July 19, 2004

New Blog Directory To Expand Your Blog Visibility And Reach: BlogCatalog

BlogCatalog is the newest kid on the block when it comes to blog directories. BlogCatalog meets two primary goals: a) Supply blog creators with greater exposure and b) provide visitors searching for unique blogs with a growing selection of well-organized blog-generated content. At BlogCatalog anyone can submit the URL and description of a public weblog and see it listed within the growing number of user-defined categories available. BlogCatalog is brand new, and basic addition of new user-defined categories requires a 24-48 hour lag time for approval. If you are into increasing the reach and exposure of your independent blog site head now to BlogCatalog and submit your site while gaining all of the advantages of being among the first to be listed. Provide also specific comments and feedback to Brad Jasper, the developer of this free open service. BlogCatalog has also been listed at number 78 of the ever-growing RSSTop55 Best Directory Submission list.



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