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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hosting Your Site Outside Of The Western Bloc

I have recently embarked on a quiet search to identify trusted, reliable and performing hosting providers outside of the US and of the main Western European countries. The idea is: if for some unexpected reason, like a terrorist attack or a sudden change in world state of affairs, the US and its allies were not able anymore to protect and guarantee my ability to publish my news and information online, where would I select to have an alternative hosting shelter? No, I am not paranoid, but as a natural innovator I tend to think and play out possible future scenarios for the sake of discovery and learning, with much greater ease and curiosity than most people would. The search so far has not brought up many interesting alternatives, though I am pretty sure that the would-be customers for such providers would not be few, and that such hosting providers based in countries not subject to the direct hegemony of the US may already be quite a number. But how to reach and find them? Which would be the possible ideal countries to consider for such a need (considering both their communication infrastructure capability and independence from the Western bloc)? Malaysia would seem to be a great possible candidate, but which other ones should also be considered? Is it ever possible to get the same features and facilities I buy from my US-based provider at comparable or better prices?



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2005-08-21 18:51:17


Have you had a look at SECUREHOST.COM located in the Bahamas?

2005-03-21 10:26:40

Offshore Hosting

The services we provide would seem to be relevent to what you are looking for.

Zentek International is a fully Offshore Hosting Services Provider based in Hong Kong, the financial and telecommunications center of Asia, with the freest economy in the World (including very low level of government involvement in business activities, and very low level of restrictions, intervention, and regulation).

From your article, we can most likely satisfy your requirements. We are one of the very few offshore hosting companies (and even onshore hosting companies) that provide real 24/7 support, which is absolutely critical because the offshore company may be in a totally different timezone, so your working hours (eg.3pm) may be their very early morning hours (eg.3am), so you need to make sure someone can really be contacted and is there to help 24 hours a day..

We provide Offshore Web Hosting and Offshore Dedicated Servers. While you didn't mention it, we also provide offshore Colocation and anonymous domain registration, if you need that too.

Hopefully this is on-target with what you need. We have plenty of sites hosted that are of the types you mention, and others that host with us for tax purposes, controversial content in their own country, create offshore mirrors of their data, and so forth.

Feel free to contact us at or give us a call at +852-30737359.

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