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Friday, July 16, 2004

Extend Reach, Visibility, And Online Authority By Syndicating Your News: FeedRoll Offers A Win-Win Proposition

FeedRoll is an online service which allows independent Web publishers to facilitate the syndication of their news content on other Web sites, while controlling feed features and tracking access and clickthrough ratios. This is an evolution of what I and many others have been doing for a while to extend our reach, credibility and presence across multiple sites. The problem FeedRoll addresses is how independent Web publishers can make their content available for easy syndication to other publishers/bloggers. An increasing number of sites now produce RSS/ATOM feeds, which is great, but to syndicate those news feeds you still then need to install some server side software on such potential syndicating partner sites to parse the news feed and to format it for their site look and feel. This would be an insurmountable hurdle for most non technical publishers. Feedroll and its Pro version bring a solution to this by acting as the backend for both the original publishers and the syndicating site. For the originating publisher, Feedroll Pro hosts the feed, so that the publisher is relieved from concerns of bandwidth requirements deriving from many sites syndicating it (and therefore downloading it multiple times a day). While doing this FeedRoll also strips out external links from the original newsfeed so that people reading the syndicated feed will need to link back to the originating site. FeedRoll Pro also lets the publisher limit the amount of content that appears in the syndicated newsfeeds and enables the publisher to track performance of their newsfeeds: Who is syndicating your feed? How many page impressions is it getting on each site? How many clicks back to your site? Clicks/Impressions = Click through ratio. FeedRoll Pro offers also an exceptionally useful feature which allows publishers to integrate the syndication offer/sign-up form into their own sites, making their innovative effort appear more professional, seamless and credible for potential new syndication partners. On the syndicating end, Feedroll Pro provides a super simple interface for the publisher to adapt the look and feel of the syndicated news to match their site layout. Final integration of the news is through a simple cop and paste of a code snippet. This is truly a win/win proposition for both publishers... the originator gets their word out and lots of links back to their site, ... and syndicators getting lots of very valuable relevant free content. Highly Recommended.



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