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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How To Capitalize On The Next Big Thing: How To Track Major Fads And How To Anticipate Future Trends

If you want to build your business on trends, while knowing how to cash in on fads too, please give a good scan this mini-guide from real-estate US tycoon Donald Trump sharing his personal advice and experience. Here is the juice:

* Do your research for a big-money payoff. Read and study magazines in great detail, and pay attention to pop culture for signs of the next product craze or innovation in product development.

* Try a variation on an already viable trend. "Always extend a trend".

* Consider a contrarian approach.

* Fine-tune production. Since no one can predict how long a trend or fad will last, make sure, if you're a manufacturer, that you aren't stuck with overages. "You can't create or build so much product that, if the trend or the fad doesn't last, you're going to be stuck with it".

* Jump in before anyone else. Being too cautious will cost you dearly. "If it's already on the shelf, you can, generally speaking, forget the idea."

* Go with your gut."

But the greatest advice I extracted from this article is a nifty list of online resources that allow anyone to stay abreast about the latest trends and fads. These 10 online resources can definitely help you see further than most everyone can:

  • DailyCandy is a free daily e-mail service spilling the beans on fashion, food and all things hip.

  • Trendcentral is a free daily e-mail newsletter covering lifestyle, technology, style and entertainment, particularly for Gens Y and X.

  • Daypop offers a Top 40 list of the hottest blog topics including links, archives and performance indicators from previous updates.

  • BlogPulse allows visitors to search, analyze, chart blog content and includes ready-to-go trend analysis such as "yoga vs. Pilates."

  • Google Zeitgeist charts the most popular searched items on Google on a monthly basis, plus offers access to archived Zeitgeist lists.

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