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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tactical Marketing Support: Best Keyword Targeting And Keyphrase Identification Services

For an online marketer wanting to best leverage the enormous reach of Google and other major search engines and the precise ability to target information surfers through the use of well crafted titles and significant keyphrases there have been multiple tools and online services providing this specific type of tactical marketing support. I myself, like many others have extensively used WordTracker, a fascinating tool and mechanism to rapidly identify potentially untargeted and rich "keyword niches", as well as the free and very popular Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool. Both tools can offer valuable and immediate insight into identifying appropriate keywords and keyphrases for AdWords campaigns or for your own article and page titles. Selecting a strategically strong set of keywords can make a huge difference in the traction and response your ad or article can bring back. The Keyword Tool for Google Adwords is another great, free and easy-to-use service provided by Google itself to support effectively this critical marketing communication task.



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