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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Italy vs Europe: Bruno Bozzetto Draws Smile And Faithful Italian Profile

Bruno Bozzetto is the best and most appreciated Italian character animator, and his work, translated into many movies and several TV and cinema advertisements is really above the rest. In a candid email this morning, Marc Freedman, CEO of TrustyFiles sent me over the link to Europe vs. Italy, a fantastic parody of many of the up-to-date Italian stereotypes matched against the normality of the rest of the continent (Europe), and asking me whether it was really true that Italians were like that! Well, truth is that this animated clip has been making the rounds of all the best underground networks here in Italy for over four years (1999!). But it is so darn good! The beauty of it, is how essential and simple the scenario and characters are, and indeed how effective and communicative a few essential geometric shapes can be. The music and the "sounds" play a very important function in this short and their use show how decisive they can be in complementing the visual side. What appears also evident is the fact that if more complex issues that we study, research or report about could be communicated in such effective and encompassing ways, we would have a lot more people understanding things effortlessly and wanting to learn as much as there is. As I really like this "short", I must also admit that it does indeed closely portray many of the true daily idiosyncracies of this lively circus called Italy.



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posted by Robin Good on Tuesday, July 13 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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