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Monday, July 12, 2004

The Virtual Office: A Whole New Groove Is Here

Groove has just launched the newest version of its flagship product, now called Virtual Office, while completely revamping the design and organization of its excellent Web site.

Groove Networks, has been working hard for quite a few months to this new version 3 release, while constantly improving and refining hundreds of small problems and key performance issues. The final product is nothing short of outstanding, as the early beta releases had been showing. Groove v.3 is a synch/asynch collaboration tool that works both while connected to the Internet as well as when offline.

Groove Virtual Office, integrates secure shared workspaces in which the end user can integrate at will facilities and features needed by that specific task: calendar, file archiving sharing, project management, images and a lot more. All users of a workspace are always synchronized as soon as they connect back to the Internet, and guaranteed maximum security through quality encryption standards.

The new Groove sports an excellent File Sharing facility directly integrated inside Windows Explorer, customizable alerts for people and projects, and a user interface that really honours the quality Groove engines running behind it. A free 60-day try-out is immediately accessible.



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