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Monday, July 12, 2004

Logo Designer Tool: AAALogo

AAALogo is a software tool to create logotypes in a simple and effective way. AAALogo has a very simple and highly interactive Flash-based interface which integrates immediate access to over 2000 basic symbols and graphics shapes.

The end user can easily drag
, resize, color and move any such symbol on the design canvas. Each graphic or text object utilized operates on a separate transparent layer but there is no need for the user to learn anything difficult.

You simply click the object that you want to manipulate and the layer becomes selected. AAALogo is truly effective because all logo designs are in vector format and can be therefore easily edited, manipulated and resized without ever any loss of quality.

Text in a large variety of fonts can also be easily added as well as bitmap images and photos that are coming from other sources. Final results can be exported in TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG or JPF graphic file formats at the desired final size.

AAALogo makes the preparation and design of simple, economic but professionally-looking logos a much easier and more enjoyable task. A try-out version is immediately downloadable. Full price is USD $ 49.95



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