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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Top eMarketers Discover RSS NewsMastering And Its Business Potential

Aggressive and ethics-free emarketers, those early adopters of new technologies, who often act as new media minstrels in popularizing and evangelizing the good value of some new technology or of some new approach in using it, are back in force while now heralding the fiery RSS tag.

Led by Armand Morin, a popular and much followed online emarketer who has successfully commercialized many little-known new media technologies by way of showcasing and promoting intelligent and ready-to-use applications of it for customer support, marketing, sales, demos and training, just launched RSSEqualizer a turnkey PHP-based RSS aggregator and publishing system which brings together under a catchy name functions and facilities already available through other systems like GoogleAlert, Grouper and Carp, PubSub, zFeeder.

What these systems do, and which I have previously covered in my articles about the emergence of the RSS NewsMaster new professional role, is a filtering and aggregation of news and stories coming from the RSS universe (this is the information universe made up by all those sites and info resources that have adopted RSS as an additional output channel and which can be searched just like the Web by dedicated search engines), which produces an automated list of news items on a specificied theme and which can be effectively used to enrich Web pages with news content that is always updated.

This in turn alerts Google and other major search engines of fresh content newly available on your site and it does increase the probabilities of being indexed more of often by the Googlebot crawler. While the PageRank benefits claimed by Morin are not an actual consequence of RSS newsmastering, other beneficial consequences which he doesn't list may indeed ensue.

These may include re-syndication by other sites (if properly supported), submission of your feeds to major news syndicators (e.g. Moreover), integration of your RSS newsfeeds in major RSS news directories and search engines and only then, increase in authority and link popularity as measured by and then possibly by Yahoo and Google too. The interesting item I see, is that the key unique strategy that can make these RSS newsmasters immediately monetize their unique content feeds is not even distantly smelled in this offering.

Thematic and highly focused web-based news channels are the PERFECT ground for monetizing contextual text-based ads coming either from the majors (AdSense and now several others) or from your own backstage agency!



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