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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Better Than SmartMeeting? Virtual 3D Collaborative Workspace With Integrated Videoconferencing: Tixeo

Tixeo Workspace 3D is a new immersive virtual environment in which people can meet, talk, discuss, present and collaborate while interacting and seeing themselves through so-called avatars. Following a month or so the official entry into the market by industry-first SmartMeeting, Tixeo has set itself to catch up and improve on the already impressive line-up of features and working metaphors offered by SmartMeeting. While Tixeo requires more sophisticated graphics cards installed on your PC, supporting advanced 3D and OpenGL routines, it also provides optional integration of direct video feeds for each participant in the virtual space. Inside its virtual worlds Tixeo has also premiered a unique approach to visually interact with computer applications in collaboration with other people. Called a collaborative application manager Workspace 3D integrates the ability to create floating screens in the virtual universe that multiple people can attend to as if watching large suspended monitors. Large interactive controls further invite and allow direct manipulation and interaction with the content displayed. Pricing is not yet publicly available and no try-out is offered. The only option is to patiently sign-up for an online official demo and be taken into a tour by the Tixeo team sitting in Montpellier, France.



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