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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Show The Character In You

Draw-me is an express caricature design service that takes a photograph from you and converts by hand into a promotional illustrated character. Turnaround time for a caricature is only a few hours and if you like Draw-me style the price is definitely fair: USD $ 37 for your final artwork. Draw-me sends you a set of proofs after a few hours of your order and it asks for your comments and feedback. It then applies your requests to their work and sends you back by email refined versions. The responsiveness (during US working hours) is very good, and their willingness to try to serve the individual quirks of each individual customer is pretty admirable.
Here is what Draw-me has done with the Robin Good picture I have submitted to them. Go check out the extensive gallery of their work. I like this service because of its rapid response and good quality work with a human touch. Something rare to find today on the Internet where everything is automated to the extreme. Here you really get something that is customized and personalized to your preference by an intimate human touch. It is in this type of direction that we should metaphorically work to provide more sustainable creative businesses online. Hey, how about a jingle?



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