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Friday, July 9, 2004

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Multi-Format Audio Clip Editor: WavePad

And for those independent publishers like me, looking for an effective, easy-to-use and capable audio editor there is really nothing like WavePad from NCH. Though I have recently spent quite some time looking for an effective audio editor for cleaning up some of my live event recordings, I have remained mostly disappointed when confronted by the feature-rich, awkward and hard to master visual interfaces that most of vendors in this field provide. But WavePad changes all that by providing in a tiny little package (722 KB) a lot more than I could ever expect or demand from a free tool like this. Not only WavePad supports most any audio file format from mp3 to Real to wav, wma, au, aif and more, but integrates all of the most essential features that a non technical user may expect to have when needing to edit an audio clip. Selection of audio parts for editing is as simply as dragging your mouse or by using Shift and the arrow keys. Effects such echo, reverb or fade in/out can be easily added. A great, fully customizable graphic equalizer is integrated as well as (free) an optionally outstanding audio tone generator. If that was not enough there are at least four great other facilities that are just what radio people, audiophiles and DJs crave for: a) audio scrubbing, b) CD ripping - record and edit music directly from your CDs, c) Voice-activated recording, d) batch effects processing to multiple audio files. WavePad really offers an outstanding audio editing tool for the novice audiophile at a price that can't be beaten. Download it and start using it now (Windows only). Highly recommended.



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