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Monday, July 5, 2004

Why Sharing Information Must Be So Hard Inside Large Organizations?

"Can't we make both collaboration and contributing to the corporate knowledge base easy? Because of overcomplicated metadata requirements and document management tools still in their infancy, some enterprises are making it more difficult for people to contribute knowledge. The business process gets defined by the limitations of the software and over-ambitious categorization goals. In my opinion, an important success factor for collaboration tools is having a seamless integration path with any content repository -- this could be something as sophisticated as a major ECM system or as simple as a shared drive. I'm not saying that KM specialists always push gargantuan collaboration solutions on the enterprise -- just that the focus, in my opinion, should be more on practical collaboration and less on building a definitive knowledge corpus." Well said indeed, and I am sure there will be a few others, in large organizations rejoycing for this. The author offers also a valuable overview of some of the main players in the "enterprise document collaboration" industry, and provides some good advice on how to attack the issue of starting-up a new collaboration effort with any new technology inside a large organization.



Matthew Clapp -
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