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Monday, July 5, 2004

Certify Your Skills: BrainBench Offers Free Limited Access To All Its Tests

To smartly celebrate its five million members registration record, BrainBench has opened up its full test library (normally these are ALL paid tests) for the remaining nine days prior to the launch of the Candidate Database, July 15th. All 450+ Brainbench certification assessments are completely FREE for you to take (though the offer does not include a certificate this remains a great offer). I myself, take pride in having five great BrainBench certificates elegantly hanging on my office wall, mostly as a credible reference of my more recently learned technological skills. Yes, what BrainBench does best is to certify how much and how well you know a certain topic/skill, while making this certification (if you want) public and re-usable by you under different needs. The interesting item is that on July 15th, BrainBench is making ALSO its public database of millions of job-seeking test-takers available for free to recruiters and hiring managers for a limited time. Employers will be able to access information that you choose to make public by simply searching on the tests you have taken, your resume, your geographic location, etc. Brainbench provides online assessment and certification of over 450 different skills. To see the complete list of BrainBench available tests see this page. The Brainbench community includes over 4.7 million registered users, and over 1,900 organizations. Nine days left.



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posted by Robin Good on Monday, July 5 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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