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Saturday, July 3, 2004

New Online Free Image Resource: ImageAfter

Lex, Tristan and Stefan (the photographer) are three Dutch guys who have chosen to share their quality images and create an online resource for distributiing and sharing high-resolution raw images. Non-polished images and textures free for commercial and personal use. This is the tagline at ImageAfter, a new alternative online resource dedicated to collect images for redistribution with no right or royalties required. Though the archive is still quite small (under 10,000 images) there are some stunning high quality images already accessible in this archive. "Because we know how hard it is to find good material to use for your work, we offer everybody who wants to, our high resolution pictures for free through this website. Keep in mind though that these are NOT meant to be stock-photos or stand-alone pieces of work - they are raw material, to be used and/or edited for whatever purpose you see fit."



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