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Friday, July 2, 2004

Getting Into The Up-And-Coming Yahoo RSS Directory

While there seems good reason to believe that by submitting your RSS feed through your MyYahoo page you would pave the way for inclusion in the up-and-coming RSS Directory while becoming immediately available to Yahoo searches, I found these claims not to match my own personal tests. I would in any case pursue the strategy suggested by Tinu Abayomi-Paul as this cannot really hurt your RSS exposure and visibility in any way. And if I am wrong please correct me.



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2004-07-03 10:43:33


Hi Robin,

I'm subscribed to your feed, and I'm suggesting it as a top resource in my upcoming book about RSS marketing for the small/home business owner. thanks for mentioning my article.

Your feed is what really made me fall in deep like with RSS, so thank you for giving me this new addiction.

To the article, all I can really say is what worked for me.

It could be because of the frequency of updates at the time, but my feed showed up within several hours, and other members of my site were able to access it in their search results soon thereafter, not just me.

I think part of the results were due to the fact that I read the (updated?) publisher instructions in Yahoo and followed the instructions to the letter, including pinging their server for updates (not immediate) and the other suggestions they have - I ended up cutting that part out of the article due to length issues. But you might have your readers try that...

Thanks again for your wonderful resource.


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