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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ray Ozzie And Howard Rheingold On The Future Of Online Collaboration: Live Videocast Presented By Robin Good

Ray Ozzie, the man behind Lotus Notes and Groove and Howard Rheingold, author of the best selling book SmartMobs, will be both connected in a live audio-video conference over the Internet, sponsored and organized by Kolabora, the online authority on online collaboration. Robin Good will be interviewing both of these uniquely talented analysts at large. The event will be videocast using the latest Flash Communication Server technology which allows for people on any kind of browser or operating system to attend the event without the need to install any software. The only requirement is an ADSL Internet connection speed or better (cable, broadband, DSL, T1, etc.) Topics covered will include: Swarming, collective intelligence, digital lifestyle aggregation, ubiquitous conferencing and P2P wireless videoreporting. What does it entail to have an always-on voice channel open with teammates across the globe? Video- and audio-over-IP. Tools and artifacts needed to effectively collaborate online. Whiteboards. Better annotation tools? "Core defaults"? Sign-up now to hear this passionate interview.



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