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Monday, June 28, 2004

Find, Collect, Save And Share: Amplify

Launching today, Amplify is a new personal knowledge management tool and an online information collecting community that may greatly simplify your search and information collecting efforts. With the Amplify toolbar installed, you can easily capture any type of web content, including images, text, animations, audio and video and organize it into highly flexible "amps" that you can edit and manipulate at will. Each information piece you collect maintains a direct visible link to its source. Amps can be accessed from anywhere you are, even when not at your own computer. Just log-in onto and access all of your stored gems. Amps can be easily shared with others, and you can choose whether you want to create a link to an Amp or share it by instant message or email. All of the amps created and shared by users are publicly accessible and can be globally searched online. To get an idea of what an "amp" looks like here are two good examples:

1) Wacom tablets

2) GM crops issues and reports

Amplify wants also to be become an online community in which individuals freely share, discuss and review their valuable findings. Amplify is free and is presently only a download away. To find out more about its features. Amplify is Windows-only and IE-addicted.



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