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Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Smell Of RFID Tags

"What happens when RFID tags are placed on everything from your razor (as Gillette is already doing) to your tires (Michelin is experimenting with this) to your shirt (as Benetton planned, until swayed by consumer protest)? You will walk around virtually bugged. And if you paid with an RFID credit card as someday you will your personal info may be there, too: This is who she is, what she bought, when and where. Is there any way to stop this tracking in its tracks? Maybe. Consumers must insist that RFID tags be easily visible, removable and turned off at checkout. Otherwise, it won't be only our underpants Big Brother can see."



Lenore Skenazy -
Reference: WhittierDailyNews [ Read more ]
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