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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

How To Enable Knowledge Management By Nurturing Your Intranet Design

"This article discusses typical KM challenges facing large organizations and how a company intranet can be leveraged to create lasting and measurable business value. ... The aspects of knowledge management discussed are people (in the form of communities of practice) and enterprise intranets as knowledge platforms. Your intranet can be optimized to support knowledge management initiatives if you make changes to the existing content, publishing processes, and information architecture of the intranet."
Here the "secret" recipe:

1) Inventory and re-evaluate your content

2) Make publishing more democratic (For the intranet to become a knowledge management platform with knowledge communities, every intranet user should know how to publish content and provide feedback on content already published.)

3) Tweak the information architecture.

4) Consider categorizing all content by use rather than subject.

5) Use professional content strategists and information architects to help you understand, manage, and evolve this content.

"...approaching knowledge management in a simpler, more tactical fashion where the emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge can be the key."



Shiv Singh -
Reference: Boxes and Arrows [ Read more ]
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