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Monday, June 21, 2004

Ray Ozzie And Howard Rheingold At The Next Competitive Edge: Next Tuesday At Kolabora Live!

New trends and approaches to work, communication and collaboration are gradually emerging as more and more people are taking up seriously the potential offered by the many affordable new real-time conferencing technologies. Ray Ozzie of Groove Networks and Howard Rheingold of SmartMobs take center stage (in full audio/video over IP) next Tuesday June the 29th, to analyze with Robin Good the emerging patterns that companies creating conferencing and collaboration tools can use to maintain a competitive edge. Specific issues that will be covered during the event include swarming, collective intelligence, digital lifestyle aggregation, ubiquitous conferencing, P2P wireless videoreporting, immersive 3D office meetings. Are these real by-products of where we are headed or are these still only titles for sci-fi stories? What does it entail to have an always-on voice channel open with teammates across the globe? How critical a role will video- and audio-over-IP play in the next phase of evolution of these collaboration technologies? What type of tools and artifacts we really need to effectively collaborate online? Is the whiteboard a real important asset? These and your direct questions will highlight this Competitive Edge event, while leaving the closing part to Robin Good for the delivery of his monthly report on key trends, new tools, cutting-edge features, best practices in user interface design and marketing communications for conferencing, live presentation and real-time collaboration technologies. Register here. The event is free.



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