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Monday, June 21, 2004

ElMundo Great Visual Stories: Good Use Of Flash Inside News Content

Two very good examples of effective information design applied to newsmaking, are the recipients of last year Best Of New Media Design Competition organized by the Society for News Design ( One is El Calamar Gigante, produced by Elmundo with information from the Smithsonian Institute and illustrated by the hand of Alberto Cairo. The visual news reference around this giant squid showcases simple and effective illustration and information design techniques that take good advantage of the medium and of the Flash technology. The other one is Tiroteo in Ciudad Lineal, an interactive set of Flash panels that takes the reader through the relevant information about an homicide. Multiple views and active camera pans on the scene effectively provide complementary information and a dynamic immersion of the reader into the actual news story. Again published by El Mundo online is the third one, a full online resource for novice skiers. Called "Escuela de esquì" (Ski school) it shows once again how well and in how many ways visual content and reference information can be made to enrich each other effectively. Good reference work for visual information designers working in the news.



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