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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Videoblogging Moves First Shy Steps

Videoblogging maybe the next small evolutionary step, of independent publishers, propping up just around the corner. For what I can see and understand the technology is all in place and what we really need is only a brave new company to take this to the mainstream.

The ease of use, compatibility and large installed base of the Macromedia Flash plugin inside browsers everywhere makes this very technology the best candidate out there for one-click videoblogging. How long more will we have to wait? In the meanwhile active discussion and brainstorming is emerging in the blogosphere around the topic and the ones of you who want to join the conversation can do so on the YahooGroup Videoblogging discussion group, or by contributing to the Me-TV wiki project.

There is already an interesting number of experimenting videobloggers out there and I highly recommend you to visit some of their initial works. Me-TV offers also a limited set of tutorials and sites that offer interesting info on this topic.

The ultimate resource for now, on everything relating videoblogging is Blogvideo dot org, a one-stop resource for good information on how to prepare, encode, stream or make available for download a video clip on a weblog.



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