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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Peer-to-Peer Video Internet / Online Collaborative TV Network

"The goal of the project is to create a platform for content consisting of a network of contributors and correspondents, recruited from young audiences and students distributed throughout all parts of the world, who are engaged in direct reporting via collective production of Internet and broadcast newsclips. The material should reflect the social and cultural issues of their respective local communities, but also have significance for the broader public. Most important, it should maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity. One of the very important factors in the current crisis for mainstream news and entertainment media, is the fact that audiences require more and more access to unmediated, fresh and reliable content. This proposed network will try to produce content relevant to sophisticated audiences who are used to gathering information from a diversity of sources - the most prominent of which is the Internet. The key elements are: direct and user-friendly software procedures for production of high-quality video material; immediate and on-the-fly transmission from remote locations to the aggregation points; open standards and multi-platform (Internet, DVD, TV) distribution possibilities. combination of live video feeds or video posts with text weblogs, augmenting video material with collective and on the fly text annotation. Additional goal is to demonstrate that P2P tools (and especially BitTorrent) could be utilized for collaborative content creation - and not only as file swapping tools. In a way, the technology that could help media industry most (P2P) is one they perceive as stealing from them - violating in itself obsolete copy right protection norms. DVGuide needs artists, editors and others who are working in digital format, crossing borders and dealing with questions of globalized living who would benefit from the advantages of a raw media, reciprocal, BitTorrent network. If you would like to contribute to DVGuide as an editor, producer, or otherwise, on an ad-hoc basis or by some other arrangement, please make contact. Ideal content would be open-source, raw captured media, fully produced documentary, samples, or other locally produced yet globally relevant material. If you are interested in allowing artists to hack, render, tweak, mix, and show your media, then you may want to consider contributing."



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posted by Robin Good on Sunday, June 20 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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