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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Meeting Online Like You Have Never Seen Before: Reporters Preview

I thought we were moving forward, but I didn't realize how fast new technologies can now step ahead of their predecessors. Today, I am on the lookout to recruit between five and ten independent reporters, to showcase them, in a private session, a new conferencing/presentation/collaboration technology that breaks through several of the new virtual communication and collaboration paradigms. The new technology, which has been invented and bred in Europe, has been making inroads and initial shows in other industries and for other uses for several years now. Luck or accident wanted that yesterday the chief technology officer for this company wrote me a short email suggesting that I try out their new product, carrying a typical conferencing brand name. Downloaded the software, installed and fired it up. With no effort I found myself placed inside an elegant and modern virtual office, equipped with a two projection screens, all kinds of presentation technologies and other people sitting or walking in the room. I could myself walk around, look and point at objects. I can walk up to people and talk to them, as when they are far away from me I cannot hear what they have to say. The presentation tools are good, on a par with what we expect from any vendor today, but the fascinating item is that I am completely immersed in a virtual 3D space, with very little in terms of menus and commands. But what really got my antennas in full vibration was the discovery that the office was a beautiful suite, and that I could walk around to discover it. A minute later I was in another private presentation room, in which I could lock myself in securely and meet with teammates. The room had its own facilities and allowed me again to show most types of digital content I had available. VoIP is always on. In full duplex. Overall bandwidth consumption: less than a 56K modem. ... I could not believe my eyes. If you are a news reporter specializing in communication, collaboration and Web conferencing technologies, I really have something to show you. For everyone else, just stay tuned, as my goal is to let these news reporters do the rest of the job you are looking for. My gain? Helping the small lead, as the future is all for those who are brave to scout and innovate, humble in sharing their talent, and generous enough to give everyone an ear and an opportunity to participate.



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posted by Robin Good on Wednesday, June 16 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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