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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Are Blogs Ready For Prime-Time? Blogads Speaks

"A Blogads survey claims that blog readers are more mature and affluent than expected and more prone to click on ads and buy online. Many advertisers think bloggers--and blog readers--inhabit some kind of cyber backwater, full of stagnant, egotistical, overwritten and overblown opinion pages, but no real advertising opportunities. Blogads, a Web ad network, surveyed 17,159 blog readers in hopes of changing that perception. According to the survey, blog readers suck up information from everywhere. They are media-mavens: 21% subscribe to the New Yorker magazine, 15% to the Economist, 15% to Newsweek and 14% to the Atlantic Monthly. Nevertheless, the survey found that " blog readers are united in their apathy about traditional news sources: 82% of blog readers say that television is worthless or only somewhat useful as a source of news and opinion. 55% percent say the same about print newspapers. 54% say the same about print magazines." Divided on so much else, blog readers appear united in their dissatisfaction with conventional media and their rabid love of blogs." Copeland went on to say, "I conclude that blog readers are, themselves, a distinct and important new demographic cohort: blog readers." Interesting information from one of the only available ad networks for bloggers and independent publishers out there. Too bad their interface is still not up to the image and efficiency they want to portray. Being Blogads the first out there in this space it really could leverage a lot more this great market than they have been able to do so far, but again user interface issues, and an asphictic way for ad publishers to identify potential matching sites make Blogads still open to major leap forwards.



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