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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Top SEO Trend: Improve Accessibility Across The Board

A great collection of nine essays explaining the importance of integrating web accessibility guidelines in online publishing efforts and the positive consequences this may generate in the way major search engines will index and rank such content. "...many of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, if applied correctly, can have major benefits in search engine optimisation and internet marketing. Other guidelines, such as content negotiation, enhanced presentation of content in other languages, taking in account structural markup of tables and importance of lists are, as has been argued, definite candidates for consideration by search engines for inclusion into algorithms as they strive to improve the quality of their results. And, as such, they should also be considered as part of an optimisation strategy in an attempt to ready websites for future algorithm changes. It seems unlikely that all accessibility guidelines can or will be included in search engine algorithms. There is, however, a clear tendency that accessibility as a whole will be factored in more strongly in the near future, and some guidelines will almost certainly be considered for inclusion. Since, it is impossible to second guess which they will be, the sensible, no-risk strategy is to improve accessibility across the board. Improving website accessibility will, almost by definition, help optimise sites for search engines."



Reference: BigMouthMedia [ Read more ]
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