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Monday, June 14, 2004

ViewletPresenter Gets Tested

A few days ago I have written a short news story about the launch of price-breaking new tool for PowerPoint to Flash conversions. As I also maintain an up-to-date resource list of all the Powerpoint To Flash available converters, I am in touch with many of the vendors in this market as well as with many of the interested users who had prompted me for bringing all of this info together. It is thanks to them that I would like to direct your attention to a few interesting items that have emerged. First there is now a trial version of ViewletPresenter available for download. Secondly, once you have had the chance to demo the product, I think you'll agree that even though the price may be quite a bit more attractive than many of the available tools, its functionality falls flat. As of now the ViewletPresenter does not seem to work correctly and users have also reported missing support for specific non standard-alphabet characters. Articulate, one of the already established players out there and probably one of the most awake ones, has also done an excellent side-by-side test of the ViewletPresenter against their own PPT to Flash converter and have reported their results as objectively as possible.



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