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Monday, June 14, 2004

Personalized News? Findory News Has Them

Findory News is an online newspaper that learns from your preferences. News sites show the same news to everyone, but not everyone is the same. By paying attention to the news you've read recently, finds the news articles you don't want to miss. Findory uses a patent-pending method to order news articles gathered from a wide variety of sources. The algorithm combines statistical analysis of the article text and of users who viewed the articles with information about articles you previously viewed. Findory is a new breed of online personalized journal that learns from its readers and serves them back with custom news. In addition to letting a person search for news items either by keyword or by subject, the site automatically articles and news items based on your selections and preferences. News items that carry a little annotation next to them saying "personalized", have been picked by Findory as a consequence of your previous choices. To use Findory you don't even need to login and all that matters are the news items that you click on. Obviously if you would like to access Findory from multiple access points while being able to keep your news personalized, then a login may just do the trick. So, it is there if you need to use it. In Findory it is also easy to see any article that I may have read on Findory by simply clicking the History link. On top of all this Findory offers also two RSS feeds, a generic one and a "personalized" one reflecting your own tastes (login required in this case) and a free email ditribution facility. To learn more about it, start here.



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posted by Robin Good on Monday, June 14 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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