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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Masters of Design: Lessons From the Masters

Five ideas to help you incorporate design principles in your work -- and to better connect with customers and colleagues:

  1. 1. Design is the Differentiator

  2. 2. Those Who Write the Rules, Rule

  3. 3. Confront the Unfamiliar

  4. 4. Make It Real

  5. 5. Get Emotional.

Peak Performers, Impact Players, Game Changers, Collaborators and the Next Generation are multiple groups of design champions who have helped make great design happen. These are the masters of design who represent living models of great designers at work. In this FastCompany compehensive set of reviews and biographies about the contemporary masters of design, one can really see the key successful patterns gradually transforming and refining the visual language that pervades many aspects of our lives.



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