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Friday, June 11, 2004

Reusable Components For Effective User Interface Design: UI Patterns

A "pattern language" is made of reusable components that resemble visual languages, in that they cover the entire vocabulary of elements used in a design. Patterns can be a description of best practices within a given design domain. They capture common solutions to design tensions (usually called "forces" in pattern literature) and thus, by definition, are not novel. The interface patterns and design techniques offered here are meant to be direct problem solvers for those seeking an alternative or innovative way to go improve the accessibility and ease of use of their Web sites, desktop applications, Web forms, Flash, applets, and more. Since there's no point in reinventing the wheel every time a design need for a specific interface component arises, UI Patterns has gathered and annotated the best of these components in an easily browsable, well organized and truly digestible format. If you talk to users, engineers, or managers about UI design, or write specifications, then you could use the pattern names as a way of communicating and discussing ideas. This is a must-bookmark reference for any serious scholar, researcher and active interface designer out there. Brava Jenifer.



Jenifer Tidwell -
Reference: UI Patterns and Techniques [ Read more ]
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