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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Save The World Roadmap: Second Edition

Here is David Pollard's "list of forty actions -- technological, social, entrepreneurial, political -- that could create a new 'tipping point' to restore our planet's, and our, health." I find this list inspirational and of good use for those seeking a more meaningful and rewarding role in their life on this planet. Though I strongly disagree with the discounting of economics and technology as potential solvers of the sad state we have placed ourselves in, I support in full Dave's effort in systematically analyzing and detailing the possible road ahead. This is in fact the new Save the World Roadmap (already published last year) but now "taken down to the personal, practical, present-day level. It answers the question: What Can I Do Now?"." Here the key actions to take:

  1. Trust your instincts

  2. Listen, Learn, and Teach Others

  3. Learn and Practice Critical Thinking

  4. Re-Learn How to Imagine

  5. Use Less Stuff

  6. Stop at One

  7. Become Less Dependent

  8. Become an Activist

  9. Volunteer

  10. Be a Role Model

  11. Be a Pioneer

  12. Find or Create a Meaningful Job

  13. Share Your Expertise

  14. Be Good to Yourself

  15. Infect Others With Your Spirit and Passion



Dave Pollard -
Reference: How To Save The World [ Read more ]
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