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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Turn Ahead: Specialty RSS Ad Feeds

This may sound to you as crazy as it can get, but in my mind this stroked me as being one of the few possible ways in which I would positively envision the convergence of RSS and advertisements. As I have been approached by multiple sources to test and evaluate the opportunity of adding ads inside my multiple RSS feeds, I have been resisting the idea, as I perceive the RSS newsfeeds to be a channel that has value in being clean, consistent and on-focus. Placing an ad in it, no matter how contextual, leaves me with the feeling that I am publishing something that many of my readers will drop at the blink of an eye. I have been open to consider sponsoring the RSS newsfeed as a whole, but haven't yet found great matches for the areas I cover. But then the disruptive idea broke into my head: What about if we had RSS feeds that contained ONLY ads? AdFeeds: Topic-specific RSS feeds, on specific topic/themes which carry text-based RSS ads only. No news, only ads.



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