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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Status Of RSS According To PCWorld

An excellent introductory article on RSS and its uses, showcases a large annotated list of services, resources and RSS tools available to the public. It's unfortunate that some of these mainstream articles miss on understanding what the best RSS feeds really are, while they keep suggesting generic, mainstream media RSS newsfeeds which are the exact opposite to what I would be searching for in an RSS feed. (As a matter of fact I don't subscribe to any of those newsfeeds listed in this article.) Reference and analysis of some of the major tools in this sector is also not up to snuff referencing Radio as the 2-way RSS solution. Though Radio has certainly its good share of merit, a very large following and some special brain behind it, I don't find it to be the tool for the RSS newsmasters of tomorrow. Too clunky and too old fashioned for what a newsmaster really needs. The list of RSS readers has also some glaring holes as excellent and long available tools such as Newzcrawler or Kinja are not even listed.



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