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Monday, June 7, 2004

Future Approaches To Conferencing And Collaboration Take Stage At The Competitive Edge

The detailed report out of the last Competitive Edge live event is finally out. Fascinating are the topics and future scenarios painted by special guests Stuart Henshall and Eugene Eric Kim, who contributed in less than half an hour of actual world time, great knowledge and information for Web conferencing companies that seek to remain on the competitive edge. Among the many interesting issues covered, presence awareness, peripheral hearing, interoperability, opportunistic conferencing and "always on" mode. The full transcript of the live interviews by Robin Good, allows even greater insight and exploration into the new ideas and concepts that were presented at this last Kolabora Live! event. Also available online is Robin Good final monthly Competitive Edge report, from the same event, summarizing key trends, best features, new tools, and best practices in UI design and marketing for Web conferencing, live presentation and online collaboration companies.



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