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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Why RSS Is Important For Educators: The Fuss

Among the now so many online resources devoted to RSS, I had not yet seen the excellent work carried out by Brian Lamb, Norman D'Arcy, Alan Levine and the many other people who have contributed to give a life to its own, to this clean and highly textured clearinghouse-reference-wiki for RSS scholars. Entitled the FUSS, it reserves its attention to RSS as seen from the eyes of educational experts, instructional designers and Learning Objects evangelists. The spreading interest over this approach to creating and managing educational content has recently been crossed and fertiziled by the potential of RSS newsfeeds to allow easy and up-to-date to new resources appearing in learning content repositories to be made available to a much greater audience. Therefore, if your interest is in emerging trends in the use of new educational technologies, this is stuff that can't be left unread. This is a super-rich resource that needs bookmarking and re-sharing at first sight. Of note is the fact that this excellent one-stop resource was originally a blog/wiki paper for the July 11, 2003 Learning Objects Virtual Community of Practice teleconference. As said, as of now, it seems to have taken on a life of its own.



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