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Friday, June 4, 2004

Zillman Mini-Video Tutorials Show Future Opportunities For Edutainment And Small Publishers

Marcus P. Zillman has been working for over 18 months to inaugurate a new unique online resource providing video-based learning mini-guides on how to best put to use the power of the Internet.

Marcus talks live and presents spontaneously in front of the camera while relevant graphics fill the background just like we see during a weather forecast. Topics are light (Search engines and how to find information on the Internet) but highly useful ones for Internet novices and readers interested in understanding more about the online world and how to live in it.

The mini-clips are all 4-minutes long and can be viewed with dial-up or broadband connections. Not of secondary importance is the fact that Marcus had previously hosted and produced over 160 television shows called and that he has now taken his unique experience from those to create these new interesting set of online streaming video tutorials.

Upcoming titles will include evaluating quality and credibility of web sites, netiquette, and more. As mentioned, target audience is the public at large and the mission is to coach them to use the Internet as a tool to help make their life's more efficient and productive.

Having spoken directly with Marcus I know he would love to have his free streaming videos available at many public and school libraries throughout the world: want to give him a hand?



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