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Friday, June 4, 2004

Brand Your Brilliance

"In the new world of work, you are a brand.

And to stand out and prosper, you must leverage your experience, way of thinking, ideas, skills and braggables to create a perception that there is no one in the marketplace quite like you.

I call this process "branding your brilliance".

In the traditional sense, a brand is a word, usually a proper noun. Brand building is the process of creating a perception in the mind that there is no product or service on the market quite like yours.

Here are six simple steps you can take to standout and prosper in the new world of work:

1. Think like a free agent.

2. Discover what sets you apart and market it shamelessly.

3. Get visible.

4. Stop networking, and build a network.

5. Add value - and then some.

6. Accelerate your brand power by getting in sync with a major trend in your field and moving to the
head of it. " I would add:

7. Marry an important, ethical cause as a complement to what you like to do

8. Share before looking for profit

9. Help others become as successful as you

10. Question yourself and your approach systematically - get forever curious



Ramon Williamson - UGMC -
Reference: [via Eric Wibisono - KULT] [ Read more ]
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