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Thursday, June 3, 2004

Communication Levels

"The greater the need to communicate our feelings, the harder it is to do. Indeed, sharing our opinions and emotions is risky business. We minimize the risk when we move through the levels of communication incrementally.

That is, each conversation ought to begin with phatic communication and move through the levels (however quickly seems appropriate) before moving to the more intimate levels.

Generally, we look for the other individual to reciprocate at the same level of intensity. There is a social convention to match levels. If the other initiates a conversation at the evaluative level, we often feel compelled to respond in kind.

This is dangerous. Sharing our ideas and feelings is generally reserved for those whom we trust. Trust is a function of confidence, commitment, and time. We generally share our essence with those we've known a long time. To do with others is pseudo-intimacy."



Nan Peck, Northern Virginia Communication College -
Reference: [via Mincius Sodas - Bala Pillai] [ Read more ]
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