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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Drop-Them-Now: Ineffective, Overhyped And Plain Cheap Internet Marketing Techniques

For novice emarketers only. Nonetheless it should appear evident to anyone with a grain of salt in her head, there a tons of Web sites, articles and books that still promote old fashioned and outdated online marketing tactics. Many of these bring more damage than good to those of employ them, and these ones listed here are only a fraction of the many other useless tactics still employed by millions of people in the hope of having more traffic and getting extra visitors to their sites. There are indeed many more incredibly useless emarketing tactics that are of absolutely zero value to an online publisher (e.g.: keywords and description meta tag optimization) and it is hard indeed for any newcomer coming into this field to be able to weed out the old, fake and cheaty from the effective and up-to-date tactics that really work. Here are eight Internet marketing techniques that no longer work and that in my humble opinion you should have never used in the first place. Review this list and weed out from your present emarketing ammunitions what is useless, out-of-date, and plainly ineffective.



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posted by Robin Good on Sunday, May 30 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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