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Friday, May 28, 2004

Usability-Grounded How-To Web Design Guide: 'Web Design from Scratch'

Ben Hunt has just released a new interesting online resource devoted to Web design. Called 'Web Design from Scratch', the site gives a refreshing look at designing Web sites with the end user in mind and it provides a great set of simple-to-use resources as basic foundations for aspiring communication specialists. In his own words 'Web Design from Scratch' is a practical training course in web design for eveyone interested in creating effective web pages. Starting from fundamental building blocks of design, 'Web Design from Scratch' develops a set of simple principles that form the framework for a complete how-to web design guide.Web design from scratch integrates three key sections: a) Basics, where fundamental concepts about web design and how people read information online sets the stage for more specific and technical issues; b) Tutorials, here you can find a great set of visually illustrated tutorials on all critical web design topics from information architecture, to navigation and information design issues; c) Case Studies. In this section the author exemplifies the application of basic design principles to existing web sites, by showcasing and analyzing their existing layout and then proposing a new alternative visual solution which explains in detail changes and improvements applied.



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