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Friday, May 28, 2004

Digital Lifestyle Aggregation

"We're all used to the notion of integrated productivity software (like Microsoft Office) but we're still waiting for media editors, like music or sound sampling, graphics or photo editing and simple presentation tools - to be integrated with IM, email, personal publishing (like blogs) and social networking. ...Imagine a next generation MyYahoo service - which enabled end-users to keep track of their personal (and their families) music, photo, video and file collections and provided them with 'home publishing' capabilities to create, store and distribute their own content. Imagine a social networking environment which matched and found like-minded people and enabled them to participate in activities together (both on-line and in 'real space'.) Imagine a system that managed their Home LAN, devices, cell phones and videogames while providing a virtual file system to give them access to all of their content and data - whether they were at home, the office or on the road. Imagine a communications and personal management system which enabled inter-personal interaction (sort of like 'groupware for humans') that assumed that all of these features and capabilities were built-in system constructs. Now imagine all of these capabilities and features in one integrated environment - focused in on a particular constituency, content brand or set of activities. That's what we call a digital lifestyle aggregator (DLA.) ...Each will share the notion of making THEIR customers lives easier - by integrating, aggregating and providing appropriate levels of customization to bring all of the disparate elements of digital convergence together."



Marc Canter - Always On -
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