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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Record Each And Every Web Page You See: Seruku

Have you ever tried to find the exact same web page you saw a couple of weeks ago? And failed? Have you ever had a conversation remind you of something you saw on the web? But then, when you tried to find the web page, you couldn't? Have you ever gotten angry at your web-based e-mail because you couldn't find (or you already deleted) an e-mail you wanted to read again?
Even if you can't remember the url or website. Even if you saw the page weeks or months ago. Even if you can barely remember the page. Even if the page is no longer available on the internet. Seruku can find it for you. Seruku is toolbar-based application that helps you find and access ANY and ALL web pages that have appeared in your browser. As you visit web pages, Seruku Toolbar 1.1 ($24.95/Windows only/45 day free trial) automatically makes a copy (called a snapshot) of every html web page you've viewed in your browser, stores it locally, indexes the content and then, when needed, allows you to keyword search the full text of this material. "Very cool and very useful. Seruku it's really two separate programs: a toolbar and an indexing/database program that is completely separate from the Internet Explorer cache. At this point Seruku is only available for Internet Explorer but a version for Mozilla is in development. ...Other personal search products like SurfSaver or the web-based service Furl can also be useful tools for the web researcher. These products allow you to add keywords, descriptions and other info to each page after you decide to save it. You can also organize the saved material into folders. The problem wit these is that you must first decide to save the page. The beauty of Seruku is that all of the saving takes place automatically. It's always on and recording (unless you decide to toggle it off) what's in your browser. It's all there."



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posted by Robin Good on Thursday, May 27 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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