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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Guerilla Technologies

"Many collaboration tools, especially coachingplatform, qualify as what APQC defines as guerilla technology. They refer to those technologies that are available directly to end users with minimal hardware and software investments. These technologies are typically not part of an organization's "formal" tools or application set but are adopted by employees because they are easy to use and install, enable rapid communication, and allow one to multitask in real time. ...with more and more technologies falling into the category of guerilla technologies, information technology (IT) groups will have to make a conscious decision to support, ban, or tolerate these technologies within their organizations. However, many IT groups and business managers don't know whether guerilla technologies are making their organizations more productive or just adding more noise and contributing to attention deficit and information overload. I just know they work, though it's harder to convince clients through stories rather than hard numbers.
I am convinced that free collaboration capability offered via an extranet and with minimal admininstrator involvement continues to be of extremely high value for organizations with a global workforce...that would be a support to learning in addition to list discussions and other more formal mechanisms that may well continue to cover other staff and client needs."



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posted by Robin Good on Thursday, May 27 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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