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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

How To Use Learning Objects For Instructional Designers

Learning objects. What are they? We hear the term often, but is the meaning clear? Perhaps you've been using them in your courses, and now you want to create some. But where to start? What issues should you consider? What promising practices should you be aware of? There is a bewildering array of material on the topic of learning objects, but sorting through the ongoing research to find practical tips is daunting. This guide explores the what, why and how of learning objects. It offers practical advice for designing for usability -- and reusability; for keeping your learning objects learner-centered and learner-driven; for aligning with current metadata standards; and for making your objects accessible. It includes tips for "marketing" your finished work and points you to resources for follow-up information. A companion website, the Guidelines Resource Website, is available at



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