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Sunday, May 23, 2004

How To Find The Best Content Management System?

"There are a dizzying number of systems on the market that are or can be referred to as Content Management Systems. Determining which content management system is right for you starts with an understanding of the different types of systems and the range of functionalities available. Analyzing your needs is critical to selecting the right system. ...Selecting the right content management (CM) system can be a lengthy and exhausting process, as the content management landscape is a very crowded and confusing one. Leading the confusion is the lack of a real industry-standard definition of what a CM system is or does. ... there are hundreds of systems--ranging from Web Loggers (bloggers), to file management, to code management, to databases--that describe themselves as Content Management Systems." The article introduces good reference information about what a content management system is, what it should do, and what are the the different functionalities and features one needs to check for. The key advice given is that any selection of a content management (CM) system must begin with a complete and thorough analysis of your publishing needs. To be succesfull you must be able to match up your CM needs against the functionalities available in the range of CM systems you are selecting from.



Steve Manning -
Reference: The Rockley Report [ Read more ]
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