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Thursday, May 13, 2004

What A Personal Publishing/Communication System Should Provide

Dave Pollard has a new, very interesting article (cum smartly colored scorecard) focusing on all of the features and facilities he would like to see in his ideal personal publishing system (blog for most). Though, in my personal view, integrating all of these tools and facilities into one is not the best way to go about it, I must convene that he has at least got the ball rolling on a topic indeed dear to many. It would be really nice, and I think that people at MT, PMachine, Wordpress, Blogger would be in the best position to sponsor this, to have an open wiki/blog in which these specific issues are discussed in a live, few-weeks long event. I can sense that if the process is well organized, possibly through an "open space" type of approach, the outcome and recommendation lists emerging from it could be the best and most cost-effective competitive edge research report these companies could have ever dreamed of. David Pollard's excellent start gives everyone now a tangible opportunity to start thinking and ...posting. Here is what he says in his introduction: "This article is an attempt to create a scorecard of what blogs can and cannot presently do, and what they should be able to do. The objective is to spec out a blogging tool that is better (more useful), faster and simpler, at next to no cost. ... I have taken the content management, publishing and social networking functionalities that I identified as critical in my Personal Knowledge Management chart, and added the functionalities implicit in my Communications Decision Chart, along with some intriguing additional features that readers have told me about recently, and these 20 functionalities together make up the scorecard." Participate in Dave's spec out process here.



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